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tropo.comlogo.jpgAt Voxeo, we love clouds but we don’t have our heads in them all the time. We realize not every developer wants to write applications in XML. There are lots of developers with lots of ideas, but they want to write their apps in the languages they’re already using. So we decided to do something about it – we created Tropo.

Tropo is an application platform that enables web developers to write communication applications in the languages they already use: Groovy, Ruby, PHP, Python and JavaScript. Tropo is in the cloud, so we manage the headaches of dealing with infrastructure and keeping applications up and running at enterprise-grade. Tropo is simple to deploy, requires no contracts and no up-front setup costs. With Tropo developers can build and deploy voice and telephony applications, or add voice to existing applications.

Previously developers had to write voice applications in VoiceXML. This has left out developers who either did not want to learn VoiceXML, wanted the flexibility of working in other development languages or have been working in VoiceXML for 10 years and are ready for a change.

Already, developers are having fun with the platform… take a look at the sample applications and you’ll see voice mashups that read you various news feeds (or your Google reader)… an app that gives you the ETA of trains on the BART system… location mashups using Yahoo!Local… weather examples… even a Monty Python quote server. (UPDATE: March 2, 2011 – A better place to start today is our Quickstart guide.)

With many applications still to be written and many existing applications that can be enhanced by adding voice, Tropo is unleashing the creativity of the web developer community on the communications world. We can’t wait to see what happens. Please visit for more information and to sign up to get started today!

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