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Tropo exists to make it easier for a developer to quickly and easily build voice, SMS, and IM applications using the languages and tools you already know. And we’re now making it even easier.

Starting today, in addition to the hosted Tropo we already offer, you can host your applications on any web server and communicate with the  new Tropo Web API over web services. Build your app in any programming language you want, using any tools you want, using any libraries and connecting to your existing databases and business logic.

Here’s how it works.

We give you a phone number, and you give us a URL somewhere on the web where your app is located. When that phone number is called, our servers answer the call and make an HTTP POST to your URL, sending you a wealth of JSON metadata about the session. Caller ID, a session ID, that sort of thing. You return some JSON telling us what to do with the call. You’ve got complete control of the call. Say something with text to speech, play an audio file, start recording, ask a question and get the answer with voice recognition, even put the caller into a conference with other callers.

Conference? Yeah, that’s new, too. Build a conference call app in just a few lines of code. Create as many rooms as you want, put users into rooms, take them out of rooms. Mute them. Again, you’re in full control.

How easy is it to create a conference call? Here’s a conference call app:

{ "tropo":
 "conference": {"id": "myconferencecall" }

Put this code as conference.json on your server and point a Tropo app at it. Have all your friends call it and they can chat together. You can have more control if you want, of course. Ask for pin numbers. Put them in rooms based on their caller ID. Mute callers so they can only listen and hold a seminar. Whatever you can dream up.

Don’t like JSON? We’ve got a Tropo Ruby library (available on Gemcutter) that will create it all for you. Write your app using Ruby that looks and feels like a Ruby app should. Stick it on your server. We’ll do all the hard stuff. Libraries for other languages are coming. And if you write one for your favorite language, let us know and we’ll link it up.

It’s not just about voice.

With Tropo, the exact same code that makes and receives voice calls can send and receive instant messages and SMS. We’ve improved our IM and text message support. The conversation flow is even more natural now. You’ll get the first message just like any other, without having to jump through hoops to start a conversation. Want to know who you’re talking to? We provide you with the IM name or SMS number that contacted you and you can easily distinguish between voice sessions, text sessions and even know if the user contacted you via AIM, GTalk, Yahoo or other IM networks.

With today’s release, we’re continuing Tropo’s mission of making it easy for any developer to add real-time communications to any application. You can get the full documentation on building apps from Tropo Docs. Go put an app up and try it out. We’d love to hear from you as you create your apps and find out what great stuff you’re creating. Leave a comment here, email or catch us on Twitter as @tropo.


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