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The vast majority of developers using our WebAPI will use one of the published, available libraries on Github.  It’s true, some might be able to work with simple JSON – maybe their app only works with yes or no situations – while others might choose to write their own library to suit their specific needs.  But most of you will find your happy place within the functionality of the existing Ruby, PHP, Python, Node.js or C# libraries.

With that in mind, we’re now in the process of adding detailed example applications utilizing each of our published libraries (and a web framework when applicable).  We started off with a Ruby and Sinatra application (hosted on Heroku for added bonus points):

Ruby Volunteer Opportunities Example

Next, we added a PHP and Limonade application:

PHP Favorite Movie Trilogy Example

Then as of last week, we added a Node.js and Express.js application:

Node.js Voice Recording Example

Each exemplify a different library, different framework and different functionality to provide as much useful information as possible for a WebAPI developer – and we have two more incoming.  Keep an eye out for both a Python application example and a C# application example hitting the Tropo WebAPI docs here shortly.

Also of note, we included the Behind the Scenes JSON for each application  – while it may not be particularly useful in most cases, you never know when it might help someone understand the process:



Node.js JSON

Recognition goes out to two of our contributing developers, Mark Silverberg (@Skram) and Mark Headd (@mheadd) for their help in both developing the libraries and in creating the sample applications.  Thanks for all the hard work, guys!


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