Tropo Documentation

Tropo Scripting API

The hosted offering of Tropo, the Scripting API enables you to build communications applications in JavaScript, PHP, Ruby, Python, and Groovy, then host them in the Tropo cloud. Your script runs on our servers, very similar to the way a web application runs on a web server, except instead of interacting with the user via a web browser, a Tropo application interacts with the user via voice (using a standard telephone or Voice Over IP/SIP) or text messages.

Tropo WebAPI

The WebAPI is a web-service API that lets you build communications applications that run on your servers and drive the Tropo cloud using JSON over HTTP. It uses the same request-response model many web developers are already comfortable using, communicating with applications running on your own server, feeding requests and processing responses back and forth as needed.


After you've written a Tropo application with our Scripting or WebAPI, the Tropo REST API lets you configure and control those applications through the use of RESTful methods. This includes the ability to create new Tropo apps, add phone numbers to them, delete applications, and much more.

Hosting, Debugging & Logs

This section outlines hosting files on our servers (including audio), tips on debugging application, finding and using logs, and working with caching.

Tropo FAQ

This FAQ outlines questions specific to Tropo as a whole.

Messaging FAQ

This FAQ outlines answers to questions surrounding the creation and use of text message applications.