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Using a S3 bucket for recording uploads

Tropo can send recording files by HTTP PUT or POST, via FTP, or to your Amazon S3 bucket. To use S3, there are some configuration options you must use in your application to ensure successful delivery of the recording.

When constructing the URL for your bucket to provide to Tropo, you must use the path-style URLs (i.e. http: instead of hostname-style bucket URLs (i.e.

The bucket URL you use must match the region in which the bucket resides. For example, if your bucket is in the Sao Paulo region, you must use the URL. If your bucket is in the US Standard region, you must use the URL.

This URL is what you'll use as the recordURI parameter (called url in startCallRecording and in WebAPI) in your Tropo application.

The AWS Access Key ID for the bucket is provided in your Tropo application as the recordUser parameter. The AWS access key secret is provided in the recordPassword tor Tropo.

Set the recordMethod (called method in startCallRecording) to "s3" to indicate to Tropo that the upload is an S3 bucket and not an HTTP upload.

Read the documentation of the record method in Scripting or WebAPI and the the startCallRecording method in Scripting or callRecoding WebAPI for a complete list of how to configure Tropo recording.