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Call States

In the Tropo logs, you'll see a number of state transitions as your call progresses. The list below is not exhaustive of all possible states, but should help you understand the meaning of the most common ones.

A call has just arrived at the Tropo platform or been initiated. In SIP terminology, the Invite has been sent or received but not yet acknowledged.
When receiving an incoming call, the RINGING state indicates that Tropo has told the calling party that the phone is ringing. For outbound calls, the RINGRING state indicates that the called party has told us the phone is ringing.
The answer() API method has been called, or your application has done something that requires Tropo to answer.
For an incoming call, this state indicates that the answer() API successfully executed. For outgoing calls, the remote party has answered.
An active Tropo call has hung up, either because hangup() was called, the application ended, the remote party hung up, or an error in your application forced Tropo to end the call.
For an incoming call, something went wrong when attempting to answer. This represents an error on Tropo's part and should be reported. For an outbound call, this indicates that the other party ended the call with something other than a normal hangup message.
The reject() API was called by the Tropo application.
Tropo has completed executing the reject() API.
The redirect() API was called by the Tropo application.
Tropo has completed executing the redirect() API.