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Hosting Audio Files

As mentioned in here, you can host files on the Tropo server and use them with your applications. The most common use case for this with WebAPI is storage for audio files. There are a few things to be aware of when using hosted audio files:

  • The audio needs to be in either .wav or .mp3 format.
  • The URL to access your audio files is, where 12345 would be your account number. The sub-folder for your audio files would just be appended to the end, like
  • When referencing a hosted audio file in your script, it will always need to be the full URL to the file. This goes for both externally hosted files and those you host on the Tropo servers. As an example, you'd refer to, not just example.mp3.
  • Audio files hosted on are not accessible from the outside - they can only be referenced within an application. So for example, if you host a file and try to run it by dropping the link in a browser, it would be blocked.

That's really all the extra bits you need to know about hosted audio files; nothing too major!