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Moving to Production

There are two different kinds of production with Tropo - a production account, and production applications. A production account means you have added a credit card and added funds; this allows you to move an application from the development platform to the production platform, but moving to a production account does not automatically move your applications to production. This is intentional, so you have the option to have development applications still in testing along with production applications running live traffic in the same account. We'll go through the steps for both.

Note does not offer free developer accounts. See the full list of differences.

Switching to a Production Account

Switching to a production account just requires the inclusion of a credit card and a minimum $10 in funds. This is done through the "Billing" subsection in the Tropo User Interface, then "Payments & Balance".

Here you add in your card info and payment amount - make sure the billing address listed here matches the billing address your bank has, or you will get an error - we do address verification to confirm valid cards, as well as fraud detection. When you configure payment, you're enabling recurring billing, which will process a new payment whenever your balance reaches 10% of the payment value you select here.

Switching an Application from Development to Production

Once you have a production account, new toggles will display under each of your applications - one button for development, one for production. Select the production option, then hit the Save Settings button under your application URLs and your app is now officially moved to the production platform, with all the stability and reachability improvements that come with it. Please note that this cannot be undone - if you want to move the app back to development, you will need to add it brand new and then move any phone numbers over to the new development app (either by asking support to help, or through the REST API: Moving a Number)

That's it - nothing more to it. If you encounter any errors, or difficulties adding the card or moving your application(s), please don't hesitate to reach out to support for help.