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Using an alphanumeric Sender ID

Sending a message with a sender ID that contains both letters and numbers allows you to send a message with your company or brand name as the "from" that the recipient sees. Using the name of a business or a brand instead of a phone number can increase your brand awareness and help the recipient’s recognize that a message is from you, making it a very valuable option for business messaging.

Tropo supports alphanumeric sender IDs in over 100 countries, and provides this at no additional cost.

Setting the sender ID cannot be accomplished in your application code - the sender ID is configured on the number itself, so you'll need to contact Tropo support to enable this feature on your application. You will be asked to provide the AlphaNumeric Sender ID you plan to use and a proof of Sender ID registration if you plan to send messages to countries that require prior registration. Your AlphaNumeric Sender ID must meet the following requirements:

  • Only the characters A-Z a-z 0-9 and spaces can be used.
  • If using numbers only, the Sender ID can be a maximum length of 16 digits
  • If using letters or a combination of letters and numbers, the Sender ID can be a maximum length of 11 characters