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Exchanges are areas that Phone Numbers are available for. An exchange is comprised of the country code and area code of a phone number. Using exchanges allows you to search for numbers from specific regions, for example to find out what phone numbers we can offer in California, or to check if we offer numbers in Australia.

The Exchanges resource only returns regions which have available numbers. If Tropo is temporarily out of numbers in a location, that location will not appear in the exchanges list.

Resource URL


This displays the country code and area codes available for use when you request a phone number from the number pool. This field is read-only.
This identifies the city associated with a prefix, e.g. Orlando. This field is read-only.
This identifies the state associated with a prefix, e.g. FL. This field is read-only.
This identifies the country associated with a prefix, e.g. United States. This field is read-only.
This identifies the type of phone number; possible values are "Phone Number w/SMS", "Toll Free Phone Number" and "International Phone Number". This field is read-only.