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A session is a running instance of your Tropo application. Your calls and text message conversations all take place within a session.

Starting a new outgoing call or text message is accomplished by using the session API to create a new session.

Resource URL


This is the token associated with your application. Tropo uses the token to identify your app when it launches the session. This field is required.
This identifies variables you want to pass to your application code. Tropo will accept any name and value you choose, and will convert them to global variables in your application code. This field is optional. The allowed values are strings only, and if you use another data type (an array, for example), it will be wrapped in quotes and sent to your application as a string.
Inclued only in the session API response from Tropo, this confirms whether the token launch was successful - possible values are true and false. This field is read-only.