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Answering Incoming Calls

Tropo Voice takes all the complexity out telecommunications networks and makes both responding to phone calls and making new calls as simple as possible for web developers. There's no need to understand how the phone system works, just use our powerful voice API that includes features like speech recognition, text to speech, call recording and more.

This Quick Start will walk you through answering an incoming call and speaking to the caller using Tropo and JavaScript, Ruby, PHP, Python and Groovy.

You only need one line of actual code to answer a call, say something and hangup:

say("Welcome to Tropo!");
say "Welcome to Tropo!"
  say("Welcome to Tropo!");
say("Welcome to Tropo!")
say("Welcome to Tropo!")

Tropo will convert your text into speech using a natural-sounding voice. By default that voice is an English female voice, but we have hundreds of voices across 80 different languages. You'll see how to change the voice in a later guide.

Answer is handled automatically for you, and hangup is optional - unless you need to do something after the call disconnects, like logging or post processing, there's no need to include it. The call will disconnect when the script ends.