Creating Your First Application

Tropo's WebAPI is built around a request/response model using JSON as the data format; Tropo sends JSON to your application, your application responds with JSON instructions telling Tropo what to do, Tropo sends back results, and so on.

At the absolutely simplest level, your application can be a .json file with just the following code:

   "tropo":[{"say":{"value":"Guess what?"}}]

That app will answer a call, play a message using our Text To Speech (TTS) engine and an audio file to the caller and then disconnect. Getting this script running is just as easy - add the .json file with the above code to your webserver (or use an SSH tunnel service like Tunnlr), then follow these instructions:

First, register for your free account at - after entering in the content, the page will refresh with the message:

"Your account has been created. Please check your email to verify and activate your account."

At this point, check your email for a validation link - click that link (or copy/paste it into your address bar if the link doesn't work) and your account is now active.

Next, login to your new account using the Username and Password you defined during registration - the Login link is at the top right of any page of the Tropo website.

Once you're logged in, you'll want to create your test application:

1) Start by clicking on the "My Apps" link along the top, then select "Create application" in the dropdown.

2) Give the app a name, then select Tropo WebAPI from the two options that follow.

3) In the empty field below the WebAPI description, add your URL - this needs to point to an application actively available on your external webserver.

Note that this will vary depending on whether you're using a library or not, and in some cases whether you're using a framework. For example, if you're using Limonade with PHP, your URL would need to include the webserver URL, the PHP file name, and the resource name, like

4) Next we'll add a phone number, to make it easy to call and test the app. Start by selecting your preferred country from the Country drop down, followed by the region in the Region drop down.

5) Click the Finish button at the bottom left of the screen to create the app.

6) That's it! Give the phone number a call to test it out!