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Tropo cannot anticipate all situations where your application or an action like fetching a URL that contains private data might log information that you wish to be hidden. To prevent this potential for log leakage, Tropo provides an API function generalLogSecurity that can turn off all logging on the Tropo platform. When called with a value of suppress (like "generalLogSecurity": "suppress"), nothing that happens in your application from that point forward will be logged.

Tu turn logging back on after you have asked Tropo to suppress logging, call generalLogSecurity again with a value of none: "generalLogSecurity":"none". All logs that occur starting from the point at which you call it will now appear.

If logging is disabled with generalLogSecurity, instructing Tropo to log a prompt with "promptLogSecurity":"none") or "asrLogSecurity":"mask" will not cause Tropo to log that data. Suppressing logs with generalLogSecurity is absolute.

This setting is persistent across WebAPI documents. Calling this in a single document will disable logging for all future documents, until you call it again with a different value.




Set to "suppress" to disable all logging in Tropo. Set to "none" to turn off log suppression and begin logging again.


	"tropo": [{
		"generalLogSecurity": "suppress"
	}, {
		"say": [{
			"value": "this is not logged"
	}, {
		"generalLogSecurity": "none"
	}, {
		"say": [{
			"value": "this will be logged"