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Voice and SMS in the same app

Want to use both Voice and SMS? With Tropo it’s easy to create application logic in a single script that handles both text and voice conversations. Let the customer (or your business logic) choose the medium and your application will do the right thing.

SMS Conversations

Use “Long Codes” (or regular phone numbers) to reach out to individuals or small group with SMS messages. Our easy to use APIs make it simple for your application to accept and respond to replies and keep the conversation going.

Short Codes and Message Blasts

Purchase a “Short Code” to enable messaging to hundreds of unique parties while still retaining the ability to respond to replies as needed.

Tropo Messaging Features

Enterprise Collaboration and Customer Engagement

With Tropo it's easy to create applications that automatically reply to incoming SMS with engaging responses for an enhanced customer experience

Low Latency and Direct Connections

Connect with thousands across the globe in minutes using our simple and easy SMS APIs

Local Numbers and Short Codes

Send and receive SMS with local numbers, Short Codes or customized Alphanumeric Sender ID. - every option enables messaging to hundreds of unique parties.

Bi-directional Unicode support

We support Unicode for both outbound and inbound messaging, to make sure your message is delivered just as you intended, in the language of your choice.

Brand Your Messaging

With Tropo, you can use your brand name (Alpha ID, like "Company Name" instead of 1234567890) as the sender ID of your message, wherever it’s supported.

Real Time SMS Notifications & Logs

Fetch your SMS logs in real-time to retrieve information including including message direction, message status, delivery confirmation, time stamps and more.

Automatic Splitting of Long Texts(Concatenation)

Tropo automatically splits messages longer than 160 characters, so you don't need to divide them up yourself (many receiving carriers drop messages if they're not divided properly ahead of time)

Minimize Regulatory Hurdles

Tropo delivers your message in compliance with local regulations, so you you can reach thousands of recipients across the globe without creating apps for each country.

Higher Delivery through FlexRouting

In case a carrier’s network is down, our FlexRouting algorithm redirects traffic to fast and secure alternate routes.

Two Factor Authentication

Strengthen traditional username and password authentication by providing dynamic codes via voice or SMS messaging to provide more secure login.

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Outbound Notifications

Provide up-to-the-minute updates to customer’s mobile phones, blast emergency notifications, or increase the likelihood of successful meetings by sending appointment reminders or updates.

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