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With Tropo you have access to Speech Recognition and Text-to-Speech engines that allow you to create applications that talk to your callers and understand what they say. Tropo speaks and recognizes over 60 languages and there is no extra charge for using this capability.

Broadcasts and Conferencing

Don’t wait for customers to call you. Proactively reach out upon customer request or when your business rules say the time is right. With Tropo you can reach hundreds of customers at once, create multi-party conferences, or initiate one-on-one conversations between people using the caller ID that you want each party to see.

Call Recording and Transcription

Tropo can record your call and send you the recording after the call is complete for no extra fee. Optionally, Tropo can automatically transcribe your call for an additional fee, enabling contact center analytics or other use cases valuable to your business.

Inbound Self-Service IVR

Provide customers with a way to call your business without needing to build a call center or training hundreds of agents. Automatically handle simple tasks and route callers to the right person to talk to when it is appropriate.

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Inbound Self-Service IVR

Ensure that customers and prospects speak with a real person at the right time. Avoid putting customers into long hold queues and empower agents with the details of what a customer is looking for before the call even begins.

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